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Other Institutions Under Mother Velankani

An umbrella of institutions under the Mother Velankani Educational Trust

Ashadeep Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya B.Ed College

Nallasopara (East)

Mother Velankani’s Junior College of Arts, Commerce, Science & IT

Nallasopara (East)

Mother Velankani’s Secondary English School

Nallasopara (East)

Mother Velankani’s English School

Nallasopara (East)

Mother Velankani English School and Junior College

Boisar (west)



Mrs. Asha D’Souza President - Principal

“Today education is perhaps, the most important factor determining a country’s overall progress. It then becomes important to question, whether chalked out policies are actually being implemented?

An important amendment in the field of education is the 83rd constitutional amendment. This declares elementary education as a fundamental right of all Indian citizens. The 93rd amendment of 2006 is another suitable example. This policy provides for greater access to higher education including professional education to students belonging to members of SC, ST and OBC’s.”


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